Fire Damage Services

Though the recovery process for fire and smoke damage can vary depending on the type of fire that took place and the extent of the damage, our technicians are fully trained to handle fire damage restoration under all circumstances.

Most situations require specialized cleaning to rid the property of soot residue, preventing permanent damage or discoloration of objects that have not been directly affected by the flames. In addition, ridding your home or business of smoky or other fire-related odor is also necessary to ensure the restoration of air quality. This process includes removal, cleaning, and sealing of various surfaces within the property.

Fire Can Ruin Your Home In A Matter Of Minutes

The Longer the Smoke, Soot, Or water Linger, the more damage it will occur. Even with fire damage, there is a window of time where the smoke, soot, and water begin incrementally damaging your home, furniture, and other personal belongings. The longer you delay contacting emergency cleanup professionals, the worse the damage will become. So, after the fire has been put out, what is the next step? Well, it is to contact us.

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We know how materials react to fire, smoke, soot, and water. More importantly, we know how to minimize the damage that has already been done, while repairing, preserving, and protecting your possessions.

Experiencing Fire and Smoke Damage On Long Island? We Can Help!

When you’ve gone through an experience as traumatic as having a fire at your residence or place of business, you need the services of a Long Island fire damage restoration company to reduce your losses and recover as many of your belongings as possible. Spartan Restoration’s fire damage and smoke removal services make full use of high-tech equipment and fine-tuned techniques that ensure your property, including walls, ceilings and belongings, is restored to as close to the original state as is possible.

In addition, our removal specialists will make every effort while restoring your property to minimize the chances of long-term damage caused by soot and ash dispersed within the air.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Long Island

Fire and smoke damage can have a severe impact on your home or business. Fire wreaks havoc on your respective facility and leaves countless necessary repairs in its wake. Spartan Restoration is committed to immediate emergency response to fire damaged homes and businesses.

Our team is certified and trained in fire and smoke damage restoration and can capably handle any amount of damage you’ve experienced. Be sure to call us first to handle the job. We will communicate directly with your insurance company to enable the project to reach completion as smoothly as possible.

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