Mold Remediation Services

The effects of untreated mold can cause serious health issues with minor exposure. Schools, offices, and commercial buildings are often evacuated due to the discovery of mold contamination. What was once viewed as discoloration on a basement wall is now seen as a threat to a building and their occupants.

The first step is to identify that there is a mold problem that exists. With a timely response to mold contamination, the growth and spread of mold can be treated and can be eliminated! The Second step is to call for professional help. All of our team members at Spartan Restoration are licensed and specially trained for this situation.

We have and are equipped to use the latest equipment and techniques to stop and prevent mold from ever growing back in the affected area. After reaching out to us at Spartan Restoration, we will asses the damage and create a protocol for each step of the mold remediation to be taken.

We will work with your insurance company to return your home or office to pre loss condition in a quick and timely manner.

Mold Remediaton without harmful chemicals. Mold can be a silent killer in homes.

As soon as you spot it, call us to help. At Spartan Restoration we offer mold remediation services without using harmful toxic chemicals when restoring your property. After all, we are getting rid of the irritants, not adding more. That’s why we do not take any shortcuts. Proper removal of mold consists of eliminating aerosolized and mold spores that have already settled.

Considering the symptoms that mold causes, such as sneezing, chronic cough, sinus headaches, and other flu-like symptoms, it is imperative that you call a certified mold removal company to perform an inspection as quick as possible.
These symptoms can be even worse for infants, pregnant women, and the elderly, so please do not gamble with your health. If you suspect that you have a mold infestation, call us today so we can at least inspect whether or not there is a problem.

Successful mold removal for any property here on Long Island begins with a mold assessment.

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The mold assessment consists of a visual examination, instrument survey for air quality and moisture, and sending surface and air samples to the laboratory for testing. These intensive tests serve to isolate the areas of infection so that other areas that are not infected do not have to be needlessly contained and serviced.

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